Founder Messages"Education as a soul searching exercise, committed towards excellence". The Process of fulfilling this commitment has been an evolutionary one as I had felt from the day Chandra Public School was founded. History is events and happenings and the story of people who make things happen.

This is evident in every sphere of life. This is true in respect of any institution too.

CPS is an institution which has survived the winds of time. I am very glad to realize that CPS has adopted a very dynamic progressive attitude to expose children through an educational programme so that they are able to face uncertainty in an unseen future and be a learner through out the life.

Adv. Dayaram Pal U.P. (State Minister)
(Founder Desk)

The Chandra Welfare Society is a Charitable Society registered in the year 1999. The members of the Society constitute the governing body of the school. It has been managing Chandra Public School since 2003.

It is setting a new standards in the education of children in the 21st century. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. CPS believes that the school has the most important role in shaping human potential. We believe that the destiny of man is shaped in the class room. Through discipline and hard work students of CPS are guided by highly qualified & experienced Kerala & Anglo Indian teachers to attain high standards of performance.

Dr. Sunita Pal (M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D)
(Director Desk)

Educational institutions play vital role for academic and intellectual development of the children. Able children are the steersman and future of the nation. The institutions importing high quality education produce pioneers of the society in all fields. CPS imparts exclusively English Medium Education having highly qualified trained and experienced staff.

CPS has a well maintained hostel with world class infrastructure. It has air conditioned KG class rooms as well. Besides academic education emphasis is given for co-curricula activities like drawing, dance and different sport and games for cultural and physical development of the children. This institution is inclined to provide the best quality education in the area.

Adv. Vijay Bahadur Pal (M.A, L.L.B)
(Manager Desk)

Education is not just for livelihood. Education primarily meant to equip the child to survive and excel in all areas of life ie intellectual, mental, spiritual, physical cultural etc. A child is born with immense possibilities and potentials.

One should be able to utilize these to the maximum for the welfare of the soiciety and himself and he/she should be able to find the meaning of life. Education without good values is like fuel to the fire. Realizing this, our school this year has the theme ''good values - the natural and spontaneous manifestation of good character''. We focus our attention at the same time to academic excellence, good character and co-curricular activities. Education is a drawing out'' process rather than a ''pouring in'' process. Hence the teachers are motivators, pineers and models. To excel in any field, there is only one mantra ''Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is achieved'' (Swami Vivekananda). Never to settle with the mediocre. Planning, perspiration and persistence can yield good results.

K.C. Peter (M.A., B.Ed., L.L.B.)
(Principal Desk)